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Relatively unknown Lib Dem MEP is more influential regarding Global Financial Regulation than Chancellor

Lib Dem MEP Sharon Bowles is Britain’s most influential person in influencing global financial regulation. She occupies 20th place. Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne is 25th while David Cameron does not make the list. Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King was 39th, four places below Gordon Brown with FSA Chairman Adair Turner making 48th. 

The figures are worrying considering regulation issues was one of the main reasons why the banking crisis of 2007/08 occurred in the first place. Britain does not seem to be doing enough in preventing a future occurrence of this happening, focussing more on the debt crisis. 

George Osborne will not be too concerned for the leaders of the classification, such as Jean Claude Trichet and Nout Wellink are considered to be more statist in their capitalism, part of the “authoritarian capitalism” David Cameron condemned at the recent Davos summit. 

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